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For those who find themselves often waiting in the doctor’s office or treating center, Mobile IV Therapy is here to save you from tedious and boring hours spent on appointments. With our drive-thru services, treatments can be administered right at home with just about any patient’s consent. Mobile IV Atlanta treatment or therapy program can be applied even in your hotel room. 

We’re here for you when it comes to getting the care that makes sense. Our Mobile IV Therapy Atlanta GA team will come directly into your home or office, so there’s no need to worry about travel time.

Take care of your health with mobile IV therapy services from our team in Atlanta, GA. We have fast recovery speeds for dehydration, hangovers, and migraines as well.

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Atlanta Mobile IV Therapy is a mobile in-home service that provides everything you need to feel better. Whether you are suffering from a hangover, dehydration, or just want to take your vitamins more regularly, we have the best solutions for you with our drip hydration services!

We offer everything from hydration and rehydration IV therapy to B12 shots and glutathione injections. We also carry NAD IV Therapy which can help with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, diabetes type 2 (juvenile onset), Parkinson’s disease as well as many other conditions.

If you live in Atlanta and want an easy way of getting the care that you need when it is convenient for YOU then contact us today! Call us today at 470-264-4829 to schedule your next appointment.

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Trust our IV therapy services to come to you! Whether you feel hungover, are fighting off a cold, or just want to boost your immunity before flu season we have all the treatments in home solutions for you. Treat yourself any day of the week. Our Mobile In-home VIP Team is here to help out! No matter what type of condition or location there is an IV therapy service for you. Get treated right at home and let our private customer care team make sure everything’s taken care of from start to finish. Help restore and maintain your health by availing these quick in-home treatments while keeping your life on track. Proudly serving those in Atlanta, GA, we’re committed to safe and reliable IV treatments and offer a fast mobile IV therapy service. Check our reviews and book an appointment by calling us today.

Hydration Rehydration IV Therapy

Hydration / Rehydration IV Therapy

Vitamin IV Therapy

Vitamin IV Therapy

Hangover IV Therapy

Hangover IV Therapy

B12 Shots

B12 Shots

Glutathione Injections

Glutathione Injections

NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV Therapy

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Popular Mobile IV Therapy Questions

Got a question? We’re here to help.

IV therapy or intravenous therapy is a way to deliver fluids and medications directly into your bloodstream. This can be used for many different conditions, such as dehydration or migraines with no relief from traditional treatments available on the market today.

The process of IV insertion is simple and painless. A small tube will be placed in your arm, which can then carry hydration fluids or medications for you while also delivering other treatments into specific areas if needed. 

The blood vessels in our bodies are like a network, they all connect together and allow for the fast transport of fluids throughout your body. This means that when something enters into one part it can quickly reach any other area within seconds.

IV therapy is the best way to get some minerals and vitamins. It is a great way to recover from any type of medical procedure or illness. With so many options available, you can choose what’s best suited for your needs.

IV therapy drips can be used for a variety of purposes, including rehydration and overall health. Some popular options include vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, as well Zinc if the purpose is to promote fast recovery from an illness or injury.

Patients that are recovering from athletic performances may be concerned about their health, and some prefer drips including electrolytes with antioxidants.

There are many people who want to give themselves an IV. However, only licensed healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors can do this safely. This is because they are trained. There are many risks to an injection, which is why it’s important that the person giving you this shot has been properly trained and experienced.

IV therapies can be used for a variety of conditions and offer patients relief from their pain, discomfort. Some of the types of IV therapy are:

  1. Hydration Therapy: Hydration therapy is a type of treatment used to restore hydration levels. The process involves the administration of fluids and electrolytes through an IV in order for your body’s cells, organs, and muscles to be properly moisturized as well-hydrated so it can heal itself faster.
  2. Nutritional Therapy: Nutritional therapy is a way to provide essential nutrients for those who are unable to eat or drink. It’s often used in patients after surgery, illness, and injury so they can recover gradually.
  3. Pain Management Therapy: People with chronic pain may find that they need to use medications like opioids or non-opioid therapy. That’s where Pain Management Therapy comes in – it provides relief from both types of medication through an IV pump.
  4. Sedation Therapy: Sedation therapy is a type of comfortable, safe treatment that helps patients relax. The administration and injection process involves medications like benzodiazepines through an IV line in order to make you feel sedated–or calm as the case may be.
  5. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a form of cancer treatment that involves the administration of IVs, and it can be very effective at reducing tumors in some patients.
  6. Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN): Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) is a form of therapy that provides essential nutrients to patients who are unable to eat or drink. It can be used as an aid in the recovery process following surgery, illness, and injury among other things.
  7. Dialysis: Dialysis is a therapeutic process used to treat kidney disease. Dialyzers have been invented and created so that we can remove waste from our blood, removing it outside of the body in an artificial environment where there are no natural toxins or bacteria present.
  1. Convenience: With mobile IV therapy, you can get the treatment needed without having to travel long distances. Our practitioners come right where they are needed so that treatments happen quickly and efficiently.
  2. Ease of Scheduling: You can book an appointment with us anytime, so it’s never difficult to find a spot in your schedule.
  3. Fast Recovery: The fast-acting power of IV therapy is a great way to get your life back on track after dealing with any number of injuries. It can offer relief in just minutes, which means you’ll feel better faster and go about doing what it is that makes each day worth living once more.
  4. Privacy: IV therapy is a great alternative to traditional therapies because it can be done at home, where you’re more likely to have privacy.
  5. Cost-effective: IV therapy is often more cost-effective than other forms of treatment. It allows you to receive the care your body needs without breaking any bank accounts

IV therapy has been proven to be safe and effective. Our trained professionals will administer your infusions at home or in the comfort of a place you choose. They ensure you are given exactly what’s needed for treatment.

Mobile IV therapy can interfere with certain medications and infusions, so if you’re on any of these drugs or have an underlying condition that could affect how they work it’s best to check first.

IV therapy is an excellent alternative to traditional methods of treatment, but like anything else, there are risks involved.

  1. Infection: The risk of infection is always present when an IV insertion happens. The problem becomes more serious if proper hygiene and sterilization procedures aren’t followed, which can lead to some nasty side effects like sepsis or even death.
  2. Bleeding: There is a risk of bleeding anytime an IV is inserted into the body, but this can be increased if you’re taking blood-thinning medications or have damaged veins.
  3. Formation of Blood Clots: The formation of blood clots is possible when an IV is inserted into the body. The risk can be increased if you’re inactive or on bed rest and this should always be considered before giving someone a shot.

IV therapy lasts not longer than 2 hours. When you receive an Intravenous (IV) injection, it can take as little time or more than an hour. This depends on what type of therapy is being given and how long each specific treatment lasts but most mobile treatments last 30-60 minutes Which sounds better.

The average cost of mobile-based services is about $100 -$200, but some may come at higher prices depending on what specific service you’re looking into getting from them. Mobile IV therapy is an alleviated way to receive treatments that can be costly for those without insurance or with limited benefits. 

IV therapy is an excellent way to recover from the effects of cold or flu. This great service involves fluids and nutrients being administered through an IV in order to help restore hydration levels. This combats symptoms better than dehydration does. It also provides essential benefits like fighting infection. The services provided in the treatment of stomach flu varies with the physicians.

For people who don’t need IV therapy, infusing one to two times per month is enough. You should also drink lots of fluids while on the drip so that your body doesn’t accumulate too many vitamins and minerals in its system if you have done this type of extra treatment before.

Medical professionals in mobile iv provide services in iv hydration, iv vitamin therapy, immune system boosting, iv treatments, and overall wellness of the digestive system.

Looking for a way to make your life better through IV treatment? Mobile IV Therapy Atlanta can help! We specialize in treating cold and flu, migraines, dehydration, hangovers. Always consult your physician before starting any treatment or therapy program. Any designations to product labels may be for marketing purposes only, so they may not represent actual products you can buy today. Contact us today or book an appointment online.